Pound to Aussie Dollar rate consolidates above 1.70, will the Pound manage to hit 1.80 this year? (Joseph Wright)

AUD GBP Higher Ahead of Inflation, BoE Governor

The price movement between the Pound and the Aussie has been interesting today, and may offer those planning a currency conversion between the pair with a indication of what to expect in future.

Sterling exchange rates came under pressure across the board during today’s trading session as late last night a YouGov poll suggested that Theresa May’s (the current UK prime Minister) Conservative Party may lose its majority in the upcoming election, and this political uncertainty is weighing on the Pounds value as is often the case.

Interestingly the currency didn’t come under pressure against the Aussie Dollar, as the currency appears to be under pressure at the moment which leads me to believe that if the gap between the Labour Party and the Conservative Party in the UK widens, we can expect to see the Pound make up ground on the Aussie Dollar and maybe even breach the 8-month high of 1.7635 it hit recently and trade towards 1.80.

The Aussie Dollar has come under pressure since China was downgraded by Moody’s earlier this month, as the Chinese economy appears to be slowing which isn’t a positive sign for the Australian economy due to the two countries close trading ties.

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