Sterling falls due to hung parliament (Daniel Johnson)

Hung Parliament – Where will GBP/AUD move next?

The conservatives came in well below expectations unable to win a majority victory which has caused a considerable weakening for the pound against the Australian dollar. GBP/AUD now sits at 1.6850. I would be surprised to see further significant losses. Australian Dollar sellers it is time to fill your boots.

Whitehall will be frantic today with promises being made in the attempt to form a coalition. I would expect Sterling strengthen when a coalition is formed, the combination of the coalition will determine by how much. If however Corbyn manages to form a minority government,  we could potentially see further falls as this could be deemed negative for the UK economy and Brexit negotiations are predicted to be more problematic. This is worrying as Sir Ivan Rogers former EU commissioner resigned due to unrealistic time scales for exit. He thinks it could take up to ten years for a full exit, negotiations need to run  decisively and effectively to avoid the process being lengthened. Parties with differing views could cause the process to become more troublesome.

It seems the most likely outcome would be the conservatives gaining power with the support of Northern Irish unionist parties. I think this would have a positive effect on Sterling. When the Conservatives gained power with the Lib Dems in 2010 GBP/EUR rose by 5 cents.We experienced a hung parliament in 2010 and this lasted for five days, this could give some indication of how long the UK will be stuck in limbo.

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