Australian Dollar remains strong, but Aussie Dollar sellers should be wary of the RBA’s attempts to weaken it! (Joseph Wright)

AUD GBP Higher Ahead of Employment Figures

In the last month alone the Aussie Dollar has gained an impressive 4% against the US Dollar, and the currency has also manged to find itself trading at the top end of it’s post-Brexit levels against the Pound.

It has also become clear that the Reserve Bank of Australia is skeptical to make amendments to the current interest rate through fear of affecting the housing market. Property prices are overheating down under, especially in the east-coast and a change could create a dramatic impact so I believe there won’t be a change for a while.

The Pound has been underperforming recently which has accentuated the losses for the GBP to AUD rate, and although I think there’s a chance we could see the RBA attempt to talk down the Aussie Dollar and economy in order to keep the currency from becoming even more overvalued, I would rule out a move back down the lowest levels since the Brexit vote of 1.59.

If you are planning on exchanging Aussie Dollars into Pounds and think the rate could become even further favourable, it may be worth looking into setting up a Limit Order in order to try and trade at a higher rate should it become available. I’ll be happy to discuss this in further detail should you wish to.

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