Will GBP/AUD return to its March lows and trade in the 1.50’s once again? (Joseph Wright)

AUD GBP Could Move Lower as PMI Data Awaits

Unfortunately for those planning on exchanging Pounds into Australian Dollars in the short term future, the Pound appears to be on track to return to it’s post-Brexit vote lows.

It was back in March when GBP/AUD broke below 1.60 before recovering. The Pound is coming under pressure against most major currency pairs at the moment with just a few exceptions such as the Swiss Franc.

For those with a need to exchange the Pound into Aussie Dollars its worth noting that the Pound hit fresh lows against the Euro during today’s trading session, so if the Pound to Aussie Dollar rate is to follow suite the pair have another 5 or so cents before that happens.

At 11am tomorrow there could be movement between the GBP/AUD pair as an Inflation Report Hearing in the UK will take place, and due to the inflation levels in the UK currently under the microscope due to the fall in the value of the Pound I expect investors to listen closely for hints at future monetary policy in the UK. I wouldn’t completely rule out an interest rate hike this year if need be and talk of one could provide the Pound with a much needed boost.

On Thursday afternoon there will be a GDP estimate figure for the past 3-months to July, and this release comes after a bout of data on Instruction and Manufacturing which could also impact Sterling/Aussie exchange rates should the outcomes deviate greatly from expectations.

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