Brexit Negotiations Continue to Weigh Heavily on UK Economy (Matthew Vassallo)

AUD GBP Mixed as Central Banks Feel the Heat

GBP/AUD rates remain marooned under 1.65, as the Brexit stranglehold continues to restrict any major advances for the Pound.

Despite the current negativity surrounding the UK economy, the Pound has managed to find support above 1.60. Its current market value is floating around 1.63 but any move above 1.65 is unlikely in my opinion, whilst market conditions remain as they are.

The Australian economy has moved forward in recent months and despite its heavy, sometimes unsettling reliance on China, there is no hiding from its growing prosperity.

Considering the current malaise and negative perception surrounding the UK economy, I would certainly not be gambling on any major spikes for the Pound. Instead I would look to protect any short to medium-term GBP/AUD positions whilst mid-market prices remain above 1.60, which could become a key threshold for the pair.

The issue many clients holding Sterling have is that they recall historical rates, when only 18 months ago the pair was trading above 2. However, conditions have shifted and Brexit has pushed the UK into uncharted territory, weighing our economy down and sapping confidence from every quarter.

Whilst no one can see into the future it is extremely unlikely that we will see rates even close to that for the foreseeable future and as such clients to realign their potential goals in line with the current market conditions.

This does not mean that GBP/AUD rates will move one way indefinitely, so those willing to gamble on their positions need to look for short-term gains not long-term sustainable improvement.

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