Will GBPAUD hit 1.70?

AUD GBP Lower Ahead of PMI Data for the UK Economy

Expectations for the GBPAUD rate to keep rising seem now linked inextricably to the likelihood of the UK raising interest rates. GBPAUD rose yesterday from 1.62 to now near 1.66 as markets believe there is an increased likelihood the UK will raise interest rates to combat rising Inflation. The Australian dollar has been performing quite well itself, in the short term this could be a spike to be seriously considering for AUD buyers.

Looking further at what we can see ahead for the UK and the pound this morning’s Unemployment data at 09.30 am UK time and tomorrow’s UK Interest rate decision are the key pieces of news to monitor for movements on GBPAUD. Should the Bank of England acknowledge that improving Inflation is a cause for concern and the market detect signals of a rate hike sterling could well have another good couple of days.

I don’t actually think we will see any UK interest rate hikes for quite some time, the rising Inflation was actually caused by increases in the price of clothes and shoes. I fail to see how this will really be enough of a trigger for the Bank of England to actually go ahead and raise interest rates but nevertheless the speculators will probably seek to push the market higher as a consequence.

If you are buying or selling Australian dollars with pounds this latest movement has presented some excellent short term opportunities. The outlook for sterling remains mixed so making plans around potential spikes is key to maximising your exchange rate. We aim to ensure out clients are totally informed of all the latest trends, news and themes to help them make an informed choice about what is the best way forward.

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