Will GBPAUD rise or fall in September?

AUD GBP Lower Ahead of PMI Data for the UK Economy

I have been suspecting that GBPAUD will be falling fairly soon back under 1.60 as the problems ahead for the UK come further to the surface and investors continue to back the Australian dollar. Markets are bracing themselves for further uncertainty over Brexit and with the UK’s economic data going from worse to worse as the uncertainty continues we will undoubtedly see the pound continue to struggle in the future.

With the pound likely to remain at the mercy of Brexit developments and no concrete news expected until 2018, clients holding sterling awaiting any quick turnaround could be waiting some time. A further deterioration in the outlook could really be on the cards, the one thing markets do not like is uncertainty.

Another factor in the GBPAUD equation that is not helping AUD buyers is the Australian dollar is getting stronger. This is because the economic conditions in Australia are very positive and we have also had the currency finding favour from uncertainty elsewhere. Essentially the Australian dollar is used by investors because it offers a very high interest rate. So investors will buy the Australian dollar to get a higher return on their funds.

Australia offers 1.5% interest from the central bank whereas many other countries are offering much less, some are offering zero interest! Therefore in the absence of any possible rises in interest rates elsewhere the Australian dollar is being used by investors to park their cash to benefit from the rates, therefore it strengthens.

So there is a strong likelihood that the continuations of the current trends will weigh further on the GBPAUD exchange rate, I would not be surprised to see the levels slip below 1.60. If you are considering making a transfer buying the Australian dollar in the future I would suggest making some plans sooner than later is the best way forward.

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