Why does the Australian dollar remain strong when iron ore prices continue to fall?

AUD GBP Weak Ahead of Trade and Retail Data

For regular readers they will be aware that Australia’s largest export Iron ore has a direct impact on Australian dollar exchange rates. If iron ore prices fall the trend is for the Australian dollar to fall and vice versa. However, iron ore prices have been falling recent however Australian dollar exchange rates remain resilient. There are two main reasons for this.

Another trend that has an impact on Australian dollar exchange rates is the performance of emerging markets. When emerging stock markets outpace that of developed the Australian dollar also performs well. In recent months emerging markets have been performing well and forecasters expect this trend to continue. In addition, interest rate forecasters tend to disagree with the RBA as they believe the RBA will hike interest rates throughout 2018.

Commentary from the Reserve Bank of Australia, I believe will continue to dictate exchange rates   therefore people with an upcoming Australian dollar exchange should continue to monitor developments.

Economic data releases that will impact Australian dollar exchange rates 

In the early hours of Tuesday morning the RBA are set to release their latest minutes. My personal opinion is that the Governor does not want to strengthen the Australian dollar any further and thats why he continues with the stance of interest rates won’t be raised anytime soon. It will be interesting to see if the minutes give any further insight.

Later in the week (Thursday) the latest unemployment numbers will be released. Over the last 3 years the Australian job market has gone from strength to strength and at present remains at a record low of 5.6%. The Governor of the RBA is wary that if the Australian dollar continues to strengthen the job market could be impacted however for the time being it looks like the unemployment numbers will remain at 5.6%.

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