GBP AUD Rates Slide on UK Brexit Uncertainty (James Lovick)

AUDGBP Starts the Week Higher After Jobs Slump

GBP AUD exchange rates have inched lower this week as ongoing British politics continue to weigh heavy on the pound. Clients looking to buy or sell Australian dollars would be wise to look at their options very quickly as developments over the next two weeks are likely to have a very big impact on the value of sterling rates.

UK Prime Minster Theresa May and the British government are feeling the pressure this week as it has been reported that forty conservative members are prepared to sign a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister. It would only take another 8 signatures that would force a leadership challenge and this perceived risk of a potential change of leadership is piling on the uncertainty for the pound.

The recent ultimatum from the EU giving Britain just two weeks to cough up more money in the Brexit negotiations or face a no deal situation is yet another major concern for those clients holding pounds looking to buy Australian dollars.

Any deterioration in these negotiations will likely see the pound weaken further and sterling will very much depend on progress in the next couple of weeks. If for example there is no agreement on the divorce settlement and talks break down with no deal at all then in the short term the pound could come under sizeable pressure. This is a real risk and there is every chance that this least preferred option could become a reality for all sides involved.

Consumer confidence numbers from Westpac are released later which should give some clues as to the strength of the Australian consumer. Wage price data is released on Wednesday which could help see the dollar rally if the numbers arrive better than expected. The lack of action from the Reserve Bank of Australia though is only likely to prevent the dollar from strengthening too much. The decision to maintain rates at such low levels is keeping the dollar on the back foot.

Anyone selling Australian dollars could see some excellent opportunities in the next 10 days if Brexit starts to look messy which could provide a short window of opportunity. Please feel free to contact myself James at [email protected] and I will be happy to take a look at your requirement and see how your transfer may be impacted by these economic and political changes.