UK economy growth is picking up, will GBP/AUD reach 1.75 again in the near-term future?

AUD GBP Higher Ahead of Inflation, BoE Governor

The Pound has picked up once again this afternoon after some better than expected economic data, this time in the form of GDP figures has boosted the markets.

This means that UK economic output in the months of July-September grew by 0.4% whereas it’s grown by 0.5% from August-October. This is of course positive news for the Pound and the Pound is now trading around the 1.7250 mark at the time of writing.

The highest the GBP/AUD rate has traded in the last year is 1.7650 so the rate is now within 4 cents of the best levels so it appears that the rate hike last week from the Bank of England has boosted sentiment surrounding the UK economy.

The think-tank that produced today’s GDP figures also believes that the Bank of England will have raised interest rates to 2% by 2021 which is a bit more bullish than the comments outlined by the BoE last week when rates were hiked, and I think that the Pound would climb quite considerably from its current levels should such a bullish monetary policy be adopted by the BoE.

The next busy day for economic data is Tuesday next week, so feel free to get in touch in the meantime if you would like to plan around this event, should you have any upcoming currency requirements.

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