Will the Pound improve against the Australian Dollar next week? (Tom Holian)

AUD GBP Surges on Aussie Rate Hike Timetable

As predicted in my previous articles the Pound has shaken off the problems against the Australian Dollar following last week’s interest rate decision which saw the GBPAUD exchange rate move in a downwards direction.

The UK economy has proved once again that it is resilient even though politically we are facing the challenge of the ongoing Brexit uncertainty.

GBPAUD exchange rates are once again moving in the right direction breaking through 1.72 on a couple of occasions already this week.

The Brexit talks appear to be moving in the right direction with Theresa May and Michel Barnier both suggesting that behind the scenes progress is being made.

The real issue surrounding Brexit is what the divorce bill will cost and when it will be paid which is one of the sticking points of the discussions.

We have a very eventful week ahead with the release of a number of different economic data due over the next few days.

UK Inflation is due out on Tuesday and this has been a big factor in the recent decision by the Bank of England to raise interest rates earlier this month. Therefore, this could also cause a lot of volatility for GBPAUD exchange rates.

Also, next week is the release of UK unemployment data and with the jobs data performing very well during 2017 I think we could see GBPAUD rates improve by the middle of next week which could provide a good opportunity to look at buying Australian Dollars with Pounds.

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