FED and EU Summit to drive GBPAUD exchagne rates

AUD GBP Weakness Returns with UK Rate Talk

This week, events that are not directly involved with Australia and the United Kingdom will dictate GBPAUD exchange rates. 

The Federal Reserve which is the United States central bank, will release there latest interest rate decision Wednesday evening. Speculators are predicting that the FED will raise interest rates from 1.25% to 1.5% which will match the Australian interest rate. Regular readers will be aware that there is a direct correlation between the commodity currencies and the US dollar. As the US dollar is a safe haven and the commodity in some ways is a risk, I expect to see the Australian dollar sold off and the US dollar to be purchased.

The EU summit on the 14th and 15th December, should outline more detail about the Brexit negotiations. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced in recent weeks that Brexit negotiations are going well and therefore the UK and EU have agreed to start stage 2 negotiations. If the EU reiterate Theresa May I expect this could provide a further boost for sterling.

Therefore it looks like the Australian dollar could devalue Wednesday evening and the pound could have a finish to the week, therefore my forecast is for GBPAUD to break 1.80 by the close of play on Friday. If you have Australian dollars to sell and need to buy sterling I would recommend getting in touch as soon as possible.

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