AUD Forecast – AUD Under Pressure Despite On-going Brexit Concerns (Matthew Vassallo)

AUD GBP Lower Again with UK Inflation Surge

Sterling’s positive run continued throughout Wednesday’s trading, moving back above 1.76 against the AUD.

The Pound has been well supported across the board, bringing with it some much needed optimism ahead of the next round of Brexit talks.

The AUD has found it difficult to make any real impact, with the Pound now likely to find plenty of support between 1.70-1.75.

Whilst the current rates may still not look overly attractive based on historical levels, the Pound has certainly seemed to gain something of a foothold over recent weeks. We must continually  remind ourselves that the goals posts have shifted since the Brexit decision. As a result I feel that the current spike offers some value to those clients looking to exchange GBP/AUD positions.

This week’s positive move is even more surprising when you consider how poor the UK Retail Sales figures were on Friday and clients have been asking what the catalyst was behind this positive spike.

Whilst it’s impossible to give a universal answer, the upturn at least in some part could be attributed, at least in some part, due to a report by the former Conservative Treasury minister Lord Jim O’Neill.

Despite being a vigorous Remain campaigner, he argued that Britain “should prepare for a much more economically optimistically 2018”, citing better than predicated global growth as the reason.

He believes that Britain’s growth forecasts will be upgraded, due to China, the US and Europe showing increased economic activity.

Whilst this view is unlikely to be shared by all, the Pound seems to have benefited as a result.

Looking at the Australian economy and early year financial reports have indicated that the Australian economy is set to continue to grow in 2018. If this prediction comes to fruition it will be Australia’s 27th year of uninterrupted growth.

This in itself is an impressive statistic, especially when you consider there have been at least three major global recessions during this period.

Whilst the Australian economy is of course not impenetrable, it continues to benefit from high levels of skilled immigration and a booming mining industry, which helps to support their continued growth.

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