Aussie Dollar continues to strengthen as commodities soar, will this trend continue? (Joseph Wright)

AUDGBP Finds Support After RBA Meeting Minutes

The Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate can at times be heavily linked with what’s happening outside of the UK and Australia, as strange as that seems.

Recently we have seen quite a dramatic move in favour of the AUD, which has coincided with the weakening of the US Dollar. Investors are becoming more apprehensive regarding holding funds in the US Dollar, as both political issues surrounding North Korea and weak inflation have damaged sentiment towards the US Dollar.

The US Fed plans to hike interest rates three times this year, but if this doesn’t actually happen which is a possibly as current Fed Chair Janet Yellen is expected to be replaced in February, I would expect to see the US Dollar weaken which is what we’re already seeing as fears over US inflation levels dropping are dampening hopes of the rates hikes.

Also, at times of US Dollar weakness the financial markets generally gain a greater level of risk appetite. With the Aussie Dollar being a commodity based currency and currently offering one of the highest returns in the developed world it’s not unusual to see AUD boosted.

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