FED interest rate decision to impact Australian dollar exchange rates

AUDGBP Lower Again with Risk Markets Sell-Off

This evening the Federal Reserve (United States Central Bank) will release their latest interest rate decision and for the last time Chairlady of the FED Janet Yellen will give her last press conference as Chair. For clients that are buying or selling Australian dollar it’s important to understand that decisions made in the US have a direct impact on Australian dollar exchange rates.

In recent weeks most major currencies have benefited from the demise in the US. President Donald Trump at present is trying to pull the US out of NAFTA which is the trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada. These negotiations are on going and could take 12 months. Nevertheless the US dollar has lost value and the Australian dollar has benefited.

The FED decision tonight could indicate whether the UK will raise interest 3 times this like predicted at the beginning of the year or if forecasts have changed. Personally I expect this release to weaken the US dollar further which could benefit most G10 currencies. Later in the week Non farm payroll numbers, which is the amount of jobs created in the US will be released at 1.30pm and this release could also have an impact on exchange rates.

The next key data release to look out for in regards to the Australian economy is the interest rate decision on the 6th. Inflation numbers showed a slight improvement in January, however the Reserve Bank of Australia are unlikely to hint towards any rate hike anytime sooner. Therefore I don’t expect this event to help provide strength for the Australian dollar.

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