Pound maintains its levels against the Australian Dollar after low Retail Sales (Tom Holian)

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The Pound has continued to hold on against the Australian Dollar even after some alarmingly low UK Retail Sales data was published on Friday morning.

Retail Sales especially in December are an extremely important indicator of the UK economy as December is when shops try and make their most money.

With the data for December coming out at 1.4% compared to the expectation of 3% the data typically would have seen a much bigger fall in the value of Sterling. However, this highlights that investors seem to be quite happy holding the Pound at the moment.

The US Dollar has weakened to pre-Brexit levels against the Pound and Sterling has held steady against a number of currencies including vs the Australian Dollar which is good news for anyone looking to send money down under.

Indeed, China’s economy also showed signs of growth which again would typically strengthen the Aussie Dollar as China is Australia’s largest trading partner.

However, some sources have suggested that the figures are not entirely accurate as previous economic figures for the year before were inaccurate and overstated.

As we move into next week one of the most crucial days of the week will come on Wednesday when the UK releases the latest set of both Unemployment data as well as Average Earnings.

The jobs market in the UK has been going very well recently hitting the best levels in decades whilst average earnings have been struggling to stay in line with inflation so if you’re in the process of moving Australian Dollars then keep a close eye out on the data release on Wednesday.

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