Will GBP/AUD break out of its current trading range? (Joseph Wright)

AUDGBP Rests Below 0.5300 with Both Central Banks Up

The Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate has remained in the early 1.70’s for a few weeks now, with Sterling sellers basing the best trades off of mid-market levels of 1.73.

Since spiking up to just under 1.80 the GBP/AUD pair has corrected and I think that trade levels just over 1.70 are a fairer value for the pair, so it will be interesting to see whether any data or news will have the capacity to push the pair out of the current range.

Sterling has been boosted in recent days as UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has reshuffled her cabinet in order to create one that better reflects the society that she serves. There haven’t been any major shocks and the main members such as Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson and David Davies have kept their high profile positions.

The next step for Brexit negotiations will be trade talks, of course an important stage which may have a big impact on the Pounds value so it will certainly be worth following the talks. The transitional deal and how the UK is expected to perform during and after this period is likely to impact Sterling exchange rates.

The UK economy overperformed last year when we consider the forecasts from the majority of financial institutions, and I think if the UK puts in another strong performance we can expect to see the Pound push over 1.80 at some stage during the year.

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