AUD Forecast – UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Speaking Today (Matthew Vassallo)

AUDGBP Lower as Retail Sales Slump Down Under

GBP/AUD rates have remained flat overnight, as the markets turn their attention towards today’s speech by UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

The speech is expected to outline the governments vision to untie both the Leave & Remain camps and whilst it has been sanctioned by No 10, Boris has a tendency to deliver the unexpected.

The speech is likely to have strong undertone but it is no secret of Boris’s political ambition and any indication of a fractured government, or disjointed approach to the Brexit talks, could put pressure back on the Pound.

In truth, Sterling has held its positions against the AUD better than it has against many other major currencies, with GBP/AUD rates continuing to float around 1.77.

Commodity based currencies such as the AUD are often considered riskier currencies for investors. This means that at time of global prosperity when investor confidence is high, funds will be moved away from the safer haven currencies such as the USD or CHF and into these potentially higher yielding ones.

Whilst there is no direct correlation to the currency markets, last week’s downturn in the global stock markets has seemingly sapped investors risk appetite and as such this is likely to put pressure on commodity based currencies such as the AUD.

Whilst there are many external factors to consider, this is one of the reasons why the AUD is struggling to make much of an impact against GBP, despite the currency uncertainty engulfing the UK economy.

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