Australian Dollar has a tough few days – What else lies ahead this week?

AUD GBP Trades Above 0.5300 Ahead of Consumer Confidence

The Australian Dollar has not had a great week this week so far following on from the RBA meeting minutes released yesterday morning.

It still appears that the RBA are quite a way from considering raising interest rate this year, due to various concerns about how this will impact consumers over there and the general economic position for the country as it stands.

One of the key issues as it stands for Australia is wage growth, which is similar to many other economies around the world. Wage growth essentially measures how much people’s wages are going up and as it stands for many central Banks around the world the issue is that there is a gap between wage growth and inflation (the rise in the cost of goods or services).

Interest rates have been left on hold since August 2016 which is the longest level of stability since the early 1990’s and it does not look like there may be a change for a good few months yet.

Wage price index figures are due out tomorrow, which is a measure of the cost of labour and even though it does appear the labour market is looking fairly strong, we are yet to see wage growth pick up, this is slowing down consumer spending as consumers are starting to build up more and more debt.

Recent RBA data also shows that the mortgage debt-to-income ratio for Australia has risen from 120 percent in 2012 to 140 percent recently, which is not great news.

All in all I am still of the opinion that the Australian may struggle in the coming weeks and months as issues like this continue to dent economic data, so if I had Australian Dollars to sell i would be tempted to sell them reasonably soon depending on which currency I needed to purchase, if I had Australian Dollars to buy with another major currency then I would watch this market closely for a spike.

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