Could the RBA meeting on Tuesday be the catalyst to send GBPAUD rates up to 1.80 next week? (Tom Holian)

AUD GBP Back Above 0.5300 with Energy Price Effects

The Pound has maintained its recent run of good form vs the Australian Dollar during the course of the week ending Friday afternoon with the Interbank level trading at above 1.78 for GBPAUD exchange rates.

Australian inflation data came out lower than expected earlier this week and as we have seen with the UK back in November if inflation rises then the general policy is to raise interest rates.

With inflation down under falling then this means that the Reserve Bank of Australia are much less likely to be looking at raising interest rates in the near future.

On Wednesday evening the US Federal Reserve confirmed that they would be keeping interest rates on hold for the time being although the tone was rather hawkish, which means that a rate hike could be coming.

Indeed, the expectation is currently at 88% that an interest rate hike may occur in March and this is why we have seen the Australian Dollar continue to remain weak.

Global investors are currently offloading the AUD, NZD and ZAR which typically used to have very attractive yields on interest.

However, with the US looking at increasing interest rates as well as having a very strong economy as proved with Friday afternoon’s fantastic jobs report creating 200,000 new jobs in January, money is being ploughed into the US at the moment.

On Tuesday, Australia releases its latest Trade Balance Figures as well as Retail Sales and both will be key to determining what will happen to GBPAUD exchange rates during the course of next week.

The RBA will also announce its latest interest rate decision so if they are quite cautious in their approach could this send GBPAUD rates towards 1.80?

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