What factors could push the Pound to Aussie Dollar rate above 1.80 this year? (Joseph Wright)

AUD GBP Higher but UK Employment Ahead

The Pound to Aussie Dollar rate has been hovering just below the 1.80 mark for some time now, and although the GBP/AUD pair appear to have consolidated between 1.75 and 1.80 the pair are yet to properly test the 1.80 threshold.

AUD has been boosted in the early hours of this morning after the Reserve Bank of Australia’s minutes from their latest interest rate decision were announced. The RBA remains positive focusing on wage growth and a pick-up in the global economy moving forward which could lead to a rate hike from the RBA later in the year.

The topic of a rate hike in Australia is likely to be key moving forward as a number of other major economies have begun hiking rates now. AUD had previously benefited from having some of the highest interest rates available in the developed world but as other currencies now offer similar returns AUD has lost its appeal somewhat, and this issue is what could give the Pound a chance of gaining on AUD pushing the GBP/AUD above 1.80.

JP Morgan recently offered their opinion on the Aussie Dollars prospects and suggested the currency could fall as weaker commodity prices and monetary policy divergence put pressure on the AUD’s value.

There is an important data release out this morning from the UK in the form of Average Earnings data. This is key because the figure has disappointed recently and struggled to keep up with inflation levels which had previously made the BoE hesitant to hike interest rates. Should wages have increased over the past 3-months the chances of a rate hike are improved so I would expect to see a jump in the Pound’s value should this be the case.

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