Aussie Dollar strengthens despite RBA’s negative comments, where to next for the Aussie Dollar (Joseph Wright)

AUD GBP Back Above 0.5300 with Energy Price Effects

The Aussie Dollar has surprised the markets today after performing well, despite some downbeat comments from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

those of our readers following the Australian Dollar will be aware that the currency has lost a lot of value recently, with some economists predicting that the downward trend could continue.

Although this blog tends to have a Aussie Dollar to Pound narrative quite often, it’s worth noting that AUD has lost 5% against the US Dollar since the end of January which is a substantial drop even for the commodity based currencies.

When compared with the Pound, there appears to be support for the Aussie Dollar which has so far stopped GBP/AUD going above 1.80 since the Brexit vote. On a number of occasions the pair have got close but each time there is a reversal, so it will be interesting to see the Aussie Dollar goes from here.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) warned that interest rate rises remain some way off. With the US FED Reserve hiking rates and US banks likely to offer a higher rate of return than AUD based ones soon, it’s leading many economists to predict further falls for the Australian Dollar.

Australian GDP has also been softening with the GDP (economic output) level falling below the 0.5% expectation over the past quarter.

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