Best rates to buy AUD with GBP in 21 months!

AUDGBP Rests Below 0.5300 with Both Central Banks Up

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has risen to fresh highs, largely owing to a stronger pound. The outlook for the pound against the Australian dollar is now much better as progress on Brexit and confirmation of a transitional deal helps the pound to rise. The Australian dollar could come under further pressure this week as central banks in the UK and US are in focus.

Overnight the Reserve Bank of Australia Minutes have been released which has seen the Australian dollar relatively unchanged, if you need to buy or sell Australian dollars against pounds the markets appears that it will be favouring the pound for this week anyway. Another major factor this week will be what happens with the US interest rate decision on Wednesday evening, this is when the US dollar might rise.

The relationship of the US dollar to the Australian dollar is very important and one that will see the big movements on GBPAUD and EURAUD too. When the US dollar rises it will often lead to the Australian dollar weakening too which gives the better opportunities to buy AUD with sterling.

There is a real belief that we could see further improvements for AUD buyers this week if the US Federal Reserve are positive in their outlook on interest rates. The pound is now at some of the best levels to buy Australian dollars since the Referendum 2016, this might well see the pound stronger further if more Brexit progress is announced.

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