Buying Australian Dollars with Pounds? (James Lovick)

AUD GBP Back Above 0.5300 with Energy Price Effects

Those clients looking to buy Australian dollars have seen a great spike this week for the GBP AUD pair. Rates for GBP AUD have broken over 1.83 although the recent rally appears to be running out of steam. The pound has been given an excellent boost after agreement was reached between Britain and the EU on a transitional deal in the Brexit negotiations. The pound has benefitted from this as a degree of confidence for British business has been restored and this is seen as welcome news for the British economy.

Clients looking to buy Australian dollars would be wise to consider taking advantage of the current highs as spikes likes these in recent months have so far proved very short lived. There are a number of thorny issues which will resurface in the coming weeks and revolve around the Irish border and financial services.

If no agreement is reached over the Irish border and if a deal cannot be found which includes financial services for the city of London then the prospect of a no deal scenario suddenly starts to look considerably more likely. It is for this reason that any gains beyond these levels seem unlikely in the short term at least.

Clients looking to sell Australian dollars should see some spikes in the coming weeks and months although my view is that a deal on Brexit will be reached and this could see the pound perform very well. A move towards 1.90 for GBP AUD cannot be ruled out in these markets especially as the Brexit appears to have finally turned a corner with an apparent accord and will to move forward from all sides.

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