How high could GBPAUD rates go?

AUDGBP Rests Below 0.5300 with Both Central Banks Up

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rates has been touching fresh highs as the pound rises and the Australian dollar weakens. A key factor in this trend has been the shift on the US dollar and the UK with interest rate hikes since both the UK and US are looking to raise interest rates whilst the Australian dollar has been weaker because there are no hikes planned.

This trend seems likely to continue in the weeks ahead as we learn more around the Bank of England who appear very keen to hike interest rates in the future. This will be data dependent but the path ahead is looking clearer which will only help the pound further in the future. The same too is definitely true of the US dollar and the US Federal Reserve who are likely to raise rates up to three more times this year.

As the US interest rate is higher now than the Australian interest rate it makes less sense to hold Australian dollars than US dollars. This has seen a big shift in USDAUD exchange rates which is weighing the Aussie dollar down against the pound and presenting much better opportunities to buy AUD with sterling.

The next really key news is this Thursday with the latest UK GDP (Gross Domestic Product) data which could influence GBPAUD rates. I don’t think this will be a majorly important release but next week could see increased volatility with the latest Australian interest rate decision and important US Non-Farm Payroll data released.

I would not be surprised to GBPAUD pushing higher and we could easily hit 1.90 or the high and mid 1.80’s in April. If you are selling Australian dollars to buy pounds moving sooner than later seems the best bet. Otherwise targetting a more beneficial rate on any spikes might prove a profitable and worthy approach.

If you have any transfer buying or selling Australian dollars then understanding the latest news and trends can help you to maximise your rate by trading at the right time. For more information please speak to me Jonathan Watson by emailing [email protected].

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