Still waiting for GBPAUD to hit 1.80!

Well readers forgive me for my optimism, I have been banging the 1.80 drum for some weeks now. It just proves how tricky the markets are to predict. I still feel there is a very good shot to hit it and I still believe we will hit this at some point in the coming weeks, next week’s RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) decision could be important.

Critical too will be the outcome from Theresa May’s speech tomorrow which could easily see the pound higher. Personally, I feel the market will either not react much or will possibly move lower on any news. I believe much of the good news and sentiment over Brexit has been priced in already and today was a perfect example of how quickly the mood can change.

Whilst I remain upbeat for the 1.80 we are still at a very good level compared to the 1.60’s and even 1.50’s some client have had to endue in recent years. If you are aiming to buy Australian dollars at 1.80 please let me know via my personal email [email protected] and I can set you up an alert so you don’t miss the price.

The outlook for the GBPAUD pairing in March will also need to contend with the developments on US interest rates which would see the US dollar stronger and potentially the Aussie weaker. There is a real correlation between the two currencies and clients looking to buy or sell AUD should be aware of the potential for this element to trigger movement and volatility.

For more information at no cost or obligation please speak to me Jonathan Watson by emailing [email protected]. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.