BOE May Rate Hike now in Question (Daniel Johnson)

AUDGBP Bounces Back to 0.5300 Ahead of RBA

GBP/AUD in detail

Following a host of positive data from the UK last month we have seen a complete reversal. We saw a fall in inflation, (which is now below average wage growth), retail sales were shocking, predicted to be – 0.5% coming in at -1.2% and today a fall in GDP to 0.1% when 0.3% was the expectation.

A rate hike from the Bank of England (BOE) was widely expected in May, however Mark Carney, Governor of the BOE said in a recent BBC interview that a hike may occur later in the year. This along with the poor run of data could well stop the rate hike occurring. Despite this I would not rush out and sell my Sterling to buy Aussie. I still believe we are range bound between 1.80-1.85.

If it drops below 1.80 for more than a few days it may be time to consider moving if you have to move short term. Personally I would hang on for the high 1.83s or 1.84s. If you have real concern consider a Stop/Loss contract for protection.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has a quite negative outlook in regards to hiking rates, there is little chance of a hike this year. If you take into consideration the Federal Reserve have already raised rates to 1.75% and intend to hike rates as many as two further times this year you can see why investors are moving from the Aussie to the Greenback. The US-China trade war could also be damaging to the Aussie. If Chinese growth is hindered by tariffs you would expect Australia’s primary export, raw materials to fall in demand and price which would be bad news for the Australian Dollar.

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