Australian Dollar predicted to fall throughout 2018

AUDGBP Bounces After Setting Lows for the Year

Those of our regular readers hoping for a higher Aussie Dollar will be aware of how its upside is currently limited, and how the the US Dollar is partly behind the softening Australian Dollar.

The most simplistic way of looking at it, is that now the US Dollar is in many cases offering a higher rate of return than the Australian Dollar, investors are more likely to hold funds in that currency as opposed the the Aussie. Previously AUD offered one of the highest rates of return within the developed world and that resulted in a strong Aussie Dollar.

The issue now is AUD has a long way to fall if it’s to return to more familiar trade levels when we consider historical levels, which is perhaps why some predict to see it continue to fall. To put the US Dollars increased attractiveness into perspective, the US Dollar Index (which measures the US Dollars performance against a number of major currency pairs) has risen 3% since April the 16th. A clear indication of how investors are pooling funds into the currency.

The Reserve Bank of Australia on the other hand is adopting a different approach to the Fred Reserve Bank in the US. There are no interest rate changes from the RBA expected until next year, which is perhaps another reason that some economists are expecting to see the Aussie Dollar fall.

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