Australian Dollar still open to risk sell off – Italy key at present and Chinese data rounds off the week

AUDGBP Lower Again with Risk Markets Sell-Off

Italian politics have been one of the surprise movers for Australian Dollar exchange rates so far this week, with news of a breakdown in talks to form a Government coming out earlier in the week this has led to a rise in political instability which can impact investors and speculators attitude to risk.

With the Australian Dollar being deemed as a ‘riskier’ currency it is open to the elements of global political and economic issues, so situations like the one in Italy at present or even the on-going situation between Donald Trump and North Korea can have quite an impact on the value of the currency.

In times of uncertainty the Australian Dollar tends to weaken and when matters are settled you can see the Australian Dollar get a little stronger.

As regular readers  of the site will be aware it does not look like we will be seeing a rise in interest rates for Australia in the coming months which may keep the Australian Dollar out of fashion for a little while, especially when you note that the Federal Reserve over in the U.S are consistently raising rates and have been for a while now.

An interest rate hike is generally seen as a positive for a currency as it makes that currency more attractive to investors and a cut in interest rates can been seen as negative, so with the action seen from the U.S over the last year or so we are witnessing a flurry of money out of the Australian Dollar and into the U.S Dollar which is perceived as a safer currency and now offers a better return as well.

We have minimal economic data out for Australia this week but we do have Chinese manufacturing tomorrow and Friday which may also impact the Australian Dollar as the week nears an end.

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