Australian Dollar Wobbles on Geopolitical Concerns – US / North Korea (James Lovick)

AUDGBP Tests 0.5600 Once More as BoE Cuts QE

The Australian dollar has seen another wobble after that has been a good performance from the Aussie over the last month. The Aussie has slipped lower on the back of developments stemming from both China and North Korea. The trade war between the US and China appeared to be cooling off which was working in the commodity currency’s favour although Trump was reported to have said that “There is no deal” signalling that there might not be an agreement on how to reduce the size of the US deficit with China.

There are mixed signals coming out of the US on this important matter and there did appear to be progress up until recently. The Australian dollar is directly impacted by these events as China is Australia’s largest export market and a slowdown in the global economy is generally seen as bad for the Aussie.

It’s not just the US China trade battle to consider though, US President Donald Trump has indicated the summit with North Korea may not happen with a strong chance that it won’t work out. These geopolitical concerns continue to have a negative impact on the Aussie so expect more volatility for AUD exchange rates in the coming weeks.

Selling Australian Dollars for Pounds?

Those clients with pending requirements should monitor developments in Britain over these coming weeks. I have posted previously that the House of Commons will shortly vote on the Brexit withdrawal bill that has been put forward by the House of Lords with a series of amendments. UK Prime Minster Theresa may does not have a sufficient majority to push through her vision of Brexit and if the amendments are defeated in the Commons then there could be a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. This could create considerable volatility for the pound on the back of political uncertainty. It could also end up in a general election.

Clients looking to sell Australian dollars could see some better opportunities around the corner although it is my view the Prime Minister may have a shot at putting pressure on other politicians who represent Leave backing areas of the country. If she is able to win votes from Labour politicians then she could sail through with her Brexit which could see the pound rally on renewed confidence. Clients would be wise to plan around this event in these coming weeks as there is a huge amount at stake on how this ends up for GBP AUD.

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