Could Australian dollar weakness could now be over?

AUD GBP Lower After Dismal Employment Report

The Australian dollar had been struggling in recent months as investors began to unwind trading positions that positioned the Australian dollar to be used for investors in carry-trades. The carry-trade is where investors borrow in a low yielding currency to invest in a high yielding currency. As sentiments change this has now been unwound presenting some big shifts in the currency markets.

With the US dollar now rising higher as they raise interest rates, and are expected to raise further, the US dollar is now attracting more investment. I feel therefore that the recent weakness on the Australian dollar which has now abated could have been the result of much of the more recent strength being eroded. This move of late which has seen the Australian dollar rising could now present some much better opportunities to sell AUD for well-prepared clients.

Some key evidence of this would stem from the RBA (Reserve Bank Australia) who are believed to be in a process of looking to raise interest rates longer term. The overall picture on the markets is now much more positive for the longer-term perspective for the raising of Australian interest rates. This would see the GBPAUD rate potentially dropping further which might see it hit closer to the 1.75 level in the coming weeks.

If you have a transfer buying or selling Australian dollars for pounds, please speak to me to discuss the requirements. Next week is some key news coming from the UK economy which might trigger some big movements on GBPAUD levels so any clients looking to buy or sell the Australian dollar should be prepared for a busy week.

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