Is the Australian Dollars reverse in fortunes likely to continue?

AUD GBP Lower Again with UK Inflation Surge

The Australian Dollar is continuing to strengthen, and put in another strong performance yesterday as sentiment surrounding the Aussie Dollar appears to be turning for the better.

There is renewed hope that the coalition in Italy will pull through after it stalled over the weekend, and this is helping push the Aussie Dollar higher as it removes uncertainty from the markets to a certain extent. There cost of commodities has also increased recently which has boosted the Aussie Dollars value, as the Australian economy is highly export driven.

I also think that now the talks of a trade war between the US and China have subsided, fears surrounding the global economy have also subsided leaving the Aussie Dollar in a stronger position. The positive moves for AUD recently can be highlighted when we consider that the Pound has lost almost 10-cents vs AUD in a short space of time.

It has also emerged that the US economy isn’t growing at the rate some economists had expected, meaning that there may not be as many rate hikes in the US as some had expected. This has boosted AUD as it could means investors will be less likely to move funds from AUD into USD in order to get a greater return.

Moving forward I expect to see AUD continue to strengthen, although further rate hikes from the US Fed Reserve later in the year could impact AUD negatively.

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