What can we expect from the Australian dollar ahead?

AUDGBP Rests Below 0.5300 with Both Central Banks Up

The Australian dollar has been stronger as heightened concerns the US may not raise interest rates as quickly as expected triggered a rise in the value of the AUD. Investors have been buying up the US dollar in anticipation of a higher interest rate which would make the currency more attractive to hold, however, with the Australian dollar holding attraction with its higher interest rate, it remains strong.

The next big news for the Australian dollar will be next week with the latest RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) meeting minutes which will give us the latest news from the RBA’s meeting last week. The expectation is for the RBA to be possibly looking to raise interest rates longer term, some commentators believe this could be as soon as the end of the year but personally, I do not expect anything too soon.

Investors are bracing themselves for the longer-term raise from the RBA which has helped to fuel the recent strength of the Australian dollar, overall impressions are for the currency to avoid some of the more familiar problems where it has dramatically weakened. A key driver of this volatility had been the move from the latest decision so, the next meeting will be crucial to get an idea of where Australian dollar will be headed next.

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