Australian reaches higher levels on global confidence

AUDGBP Higher with Data, Will Australia Follow NZ ON Property?

The Australian has found some form as investors look to consolidate a choppy few months on the currency and seek to protect themselves for what might well be a more buoyant few weeks and months ahead. Whilst it is unlikely that the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) will raise interest rates anytime soon, the expectation is that the next move will be higher.

With this in mind investors are bracing themselves for future positive movements from the Australian dollar which might well serve clients much better in the future. Clients looking to buy or sell Australian dollars are finding a very interesting junction up ahead as the market struggles to make its mind up about the future direction.

The Australian dollar is seen as a commodity currency and it will rise and fall in accordance with expectations on the global economy and the global economic outlook. This is underscored by the recent developments in Italy and also the Trade Wars with China. Donald Trump has been looking to escalate the Trade wars which would have put pressure on the Chinese economy, hence weakening the Australian dollar.

However, these issues have not been as bad as many expected, therefore the Australian dollar has found some support against other currencies. With June presenting plenty of opportunity to move the currency markets, clients buying or selling Australian dollars should be bracing themselves for a busy month ahead.

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