Weak data results in a drop for the Aussie Dollar, where to next for AUD exchange rates?

AUDGBP Tries to Recover from Recent Lows with RBA

There’s been a loss for the Aussie Dollar across the board of major currency pairs today, with it’s losses against the Pound and the Japanese Yen being the biggest.

Employment figures down under for May were released this morning, and that caused the Aussie Dollar to drop as the figures released were worse than expected. The figures have got worse in recent months which is another reason for the sell-off of the Aussie Dollar.

Some disappointing data out of out of China recently has also weighed on the Aussie Dollars value, owing to the close trading relationship between the two nations. This isn’t an unusual pattern and those planning on making a currency exchange involving the Aussie Dollar should consider this in future.

The poor data out of China has caused China-linked commodity prices and also the Chinese stock market to fall, and this isn’t a great sign for the Aussie Dollar moving forward. Fears surrounding the trade tariff’s potentially put on China by the US are also weighing on AUD exchange rates.

There’s a speech planned by Reserve Bank of Australia assistant Governor Ellis tomorrow. Although no changes to monetary policy down under are expected this year its worth following his comments in case he alludes to future monetary policy changes or even the slowdown in the Australian economy recently.

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