GBP/AUD no longer testing 1.80, is a move down into the lower 1.70’s now likely?

Will AUDAUD to GBP Slips as Australian States Tighten Borders to USD Retest the All-Time Lows?

After testing the 1.80 mark for a number of weeks, the Pound has recently slipped from these high levels and now the pair are trading closer to 1.75. The 1.80 level does appear to be a resistance and for some time now Sterling sellers would have been best to target their transfers when the mid-market level is as close to 1.80 as possible.

Uncertainty surrounding the UK governments Brexit plans and whether they will be agreed upon in time is behind the drop in the Pound’s value. The fall hasn’t just been against the Aussie Dollar but also against many other major currency pairs with the fall against the US Dollar being one of the most dramatic, as it’s hit a 10-month low.

This week it’s emerged that the Australian jobs market is alot healthier than expected after a substantial amount more jobs were created in May than expected. This has boosted the Aussie Dollar as up until this week the average amount of new jobs was just 16,000 monthly.

One potential downside for the Aussie Dollar is the lack of movement with regards to monetary policy, as the Reserve Bank of Australia doesn’t plan on amending interest rates this year.

With many major economies beginning to make the hikes the Aussie Dollar may lose value as investors opt not to hold funds in AUD.

With little economic data out of Australia for the remainder of the week, our readers have time to get in touch and plan around transfers next week. Do feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss next week’s economic data releases and how they could impact the rates.

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