AUD Forecast – Economic Crisis in Turkey is Negatively Impacting the AUD (Matthew Vassallo)

Sterling has made inroads against its AUD counterpart over the past few days, with GBP/AUD rates moving back above 1.76.

The AUD and other commodity-based currencies have seen their value dip, since the Turkish economic crisis deepened towards the later part of last week.

The Turkish Lira (TYR) has hit record lows against the USD, with inflation levels in Turkey hitting a staggering figure of 15%. The Turkish stock market has fallen by over 17%, causing investors to panic, whilst also sapping their risk appetite.

When the global markets stutter and investors risk appetite falls, usually commodity-based currencies feel the negative effects first. These are considered riskier assets by investors, which are generally sold-off in times of global market uncertainty. This is one of the reasons why the Pound has made inroads against the AUD over the past few days but the key question now, is how much higher is Sterling likely to go?

With UK Prime Minister Theresa May on holiday, Brexit talks will remain on hold until her return. This means that the current crisis in Turkey is likely to dominate headlines over the coming days, which could lead to further pressure on the AUD.

The UK economy also received a boost this morning, following the release of the latest UK Unemployment data. The official Unemployment Rate fell to 4%, which could also help to support GBP around its current levels.

Moving forward and the markets concerns over Brexit have not disappeared and are likely to resurface before long. Therefore, if I was holding Sterling and looking to buy AUD, I would be keeping a close eye on market developments in the short-term, rather than holding out for any longer-term sustainable gains.

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