Downward trend for GBP/AUD continues, is a move towards 1.70 now a possibility?

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The Pound to Aussie Dollar exchange rate has been weakening ever since hitting its highest level of the year back in April of this month. Back then the rate was 1.8450 and at the time of writing the rate has since dropped to levels 10-cents lower than this.

This price movement can be attributed to a number of reasons, with Brexit uncertainties perhaps at the top of the list. When the Pound was trading at its 2018 high vs the Aussie Dollar this was back when there appeared to be a clearer Brexit plan along with expectations of interest rate hikes. Since then although there has been a rate hike the Brexit plan has become unclear with infighting amongst the current government, a number of key resignations and also the probability of a ‘No Brexit Deal’ overtaking the chances of a deal being in place when Brexit begins next year.

AUD exchange rates have also benefited now that US – China trade talks have eased, as Australia is likely to be negatively affected if a trade war heats up and global trade slows. The close proximity to China is another reason for AUD sellers to be weary of this topic as China is also Australia’s biggest trading partner.

Moving forward Brexit is likely to be the biggest market mover for the pair, although there are economic data releases that can influence the rates. This week at 9.30am UK time there will be the release of Public Sector Net Borrowing cost for July. This figure will be out of the UK and an increasing figure on the previous one is likely to result in a downward movement for the Pound.

Also on Tuesday is the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Minutes report which could also result in market movement. There are no interest changes expected from the RBA until next year, but expect any allusions to result in market movement.

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