To what extent will Turkish sentiments drive GBPAUD this week?

The Australian dollar has been weakening as investor sentiments are frayed following the Turkish concerns which have been rattling financial markets. Essentially riskier assets are being sold off in favour of safer haven investments like the US dollar and Japanese Yen. The Turkish currency is being sold off and the funds are finding their way into the US dollar, creating big swings on other currencies like the Aussie.

GBPAUD has risen almost 1% today as investors also sell the Australian dollar because they feel it could also be at the mercy of the same sentiments which have driven the Turkish lira lower. For many years the cheap flow of money from the US in the form of QE (Quantiative Easing) had found itself invested  globally in emerging markets which offered higher returns.

With the market becoming spooked at the potential of further sell-offs, we could easily see a further deterioration in the Australian dollar which would see it become more expensive to buy. The outlook is not all rosy for AUD buyers with sterling however, as the rising US dollar is weighing the pound down too.

GBPAUD could be in for a very volatile period as the market struggles to price in the uncertainty up ahead. The market is eagerly looking for some kind of solution to the crisis which could easily spread to other investments and currencies. The problems in Turkey are not just effecting Turkey, many European banks have huge exposure to Turkish investments.

There is also important data due for the UK with Unemployment Tuesday, Inflation on Wednesday and Retail Sales Thursday. On the Australian side we have Unemployment data released Thursday, all in all a busy week ahead for GBPAUD.

I foresee a levels in the mid-1.70’s following a testing of the 1.73 level last week. In the absence of a new negative news I see sterling finding some support, the Turkish pressures should also ensure the Australian dollar is not appreciating too much.

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