Will the Australian Dollar continue to weaken, and what’s causing the weakness?

The Aussie Dollar is under pressure at the moment, with the currency hitting a 20-month low against the US Dollar earlier this week which has hit the headlines. This most recent drop off was spurred by a number of major Australian banks such as Westpac, Suncorp and Adelaide Bank have all increased their mortgage lending rates.

The ongoing saga surrounding the US and Canada’s North American Free Trade Agreement has also weighed on the Aussie Dollars value as sentiment surrounding the emerging markets has waned, after the talks between the US and Canada didn’t result in an agreement. The South African rand has also lost a lot of value recently for similar reasons.

No interest rate hikes are expected from the Reserve Bank of Australia until at least this time next year, and with US interest rates now higher than Australia’s the currency has lost a competitive edge which is another reason for the AUD weakening.

Moving forward I’m expecting to see the issues between the US and Canada as well as the issues with China to continue to weigh on the Aussie Dollar’s value. This is because of the Australian economies dependence on a strong global economy especially as the country becomes more service based.

This week there are a few further data releases that will provide us with an overview of the Australian economy, as trade Balance figures are released tomorrow and Home Loan Figures will be released on Friday.

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