Will the Australian dollar weaken further?

AUD GBP Looks to Data to Continue Recovery

The Australian dollar has been weaker as poor economic data and also global concerns weigh on the currency. Investors have been closely monitoring developments with the trade wars, which have seen China and the US go head to head threatening increasing tariffs on each other. There has also been the North Korean – US Summit in Vietnam, which has not proved successful for Trump, thereby putting further pressure on the Australian dollar.

The Australian dollar is a barometer of global trade which has seen the market moving in the favour of any clients looking to buy the Australian dollar, expectations are for a very busy time ahead, as investors seek greater clarity on what lies ahead. Global trade could now be under greater pressure as investors seek to obtain more certainty around the Trade Wars and the possibility of destabilisation in the North Korean peninsula.

The Australian dollar is also suffering from pressures at home, as investors seek to obtain greater clarity over the outlook globally, and the RBA, Reserve Bank of Australia, seek to consider cutting interest rates in order to ease the wheels of their economy, in order to be able to manage any possible downturn.

The slowing economy globally, and increased uncertainty in global markets, has seen the Australian economy weaker as it depends so much on strong global demand for its natural resources which include coal and aluminium and other commodities. The Australian economy has been weakening owing to these global concerns and this is now beginning to weigh on the market, as investors seek other shores and remain unconvinced about what lies ahead.

Clients with a position to buy or sell Australian dollars should be aware of a few volatile sessions ahead, we are in business to help with the planning and execution of any transfers. GBPAUD in particular, could be in for a very volatile month as we await the latest news from the Brexit. Trading levels on GBPAUD could ever surpass 1.90 at the top end of the ranges.

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