GBP to AUD Rates before Brexit Votes in Parliament this Week (James Lovick)

AUD GBP Higher Ahead of Employment Figures

The pound to Australian dollar has been performing well in recent weeks with rates testing the 1.85 levels for the GBP to AUD pair. However the pound has weakened as concerns over Brexit continue to dictate the direction of travel. There is currently a deadlock in the ongoing Brexit negotiations with a breakdown in talks with no compromises being made over the contentious Irish backstop. The UK attorney general Geoffrey Cox and Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay have been unable to find common ground over the weekend ahead of a meaningful vote to be held in parliament on Tuesday.

With no changes to the backstop it seems almost certain that the Prime Minister will be unable to get through parliament the current withdrawal agreement. It leaves the pound on shaky ground with so much riding on the outcome of Tuesday’s vote. If the vote does not pass then a further two votes are to be held on Wednesday or Thursday and these will determine if there is to be a no deal Brexit or if there is a majority in parliament to delay Article 50. This week represents one of the biggest weeks in British political history and there is likely to be substantial market volatility for GBP vs AUD depending on the outcomes of these events.

Home loan data down under should make for an interesting start to the week with concerns still hanging over the Australian property market. Property prices have been falling in the major cities as a result of global economy concerns as well as domestic rules on lending standards. Australian home loans took a nose dive last month with a drop of -6.1% highlighting a significant drop in the market.

The consensus is for a climb to 1% which could help reassure the market and may help boost the Australian dollar. With the full effect of the trade war yet to be felt then the housing market in Australia may have further to fall which could paint a bleaker outlook down under.

Those looking to buy or sell Australian dollars would be wise to plan around this week’s major political events in the UK. For more information on how to tackle the exchange then please feel free to contact me James at [email protected]