AUD Forecast – RBA Keep Interest Rates on Hold at Record lows as GBP Finds Support Overnight (Matthew Vassallo)

AUD GBP Struggles at the 0.5350 Price Level

GBP/AUD rates have spiked back above 1.84 overnight, as the Pound continued its recovery following last week’s losses.

Sterling was under considerable pressure following UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s failure, to once again get Parliamentary approval for her Brexit deal. This was the third time she has failed to gain the necessary support from MP’s and investors reacted to this by selling off their GBP positions, causing a sharp dip in value for the Pound.

This downturn inadvertently boosted the value of the AUD, which has had its own problems recently. The AUD saw its value increase by over four cents against the Pound, hitting 1.8290 at the high.

At this stage it seemed as though GBP/AUD exchange rates could be heading back towards 1.80, with the markets seemingly losing faith in the UK’s ability to find some common ground over Brexit, with MP’s unable to agree upon the best way forward in regards to a Brexit deal with the EU.

With further twists likely in this ongoing saga, those clients holding GBP may look at this week’s upturn as an opportunity, with the uncertainty over the UK’s final Brexit position likely to hamper any significant upturns for Sterling.

Looking at the Australian economy and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) met last night and as anticipated kept interest rate son hold at the current record lows of 1.5%.

Like other commodity based currencies, the AUD has struggled to impose itself of late, with a slowdown in global trade causing investors to shy away from riskier assets such as the AUD. With the Chinese economy also showing signs of a longer-term slowdown, due for the most part to the on-going trade stand-off with the US, the outlook for the Australian economy remains dovish.

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