Pound hits its lowest level in a month against the Aussie Dollar, despite Aussie woes

AUD GBP Gets a Lift from Australian Retail Sales Data

Due to Australian Dollar weakness, for reasons we will touch on shortly the GBP/AUD rate hasn’t been in the headlines recently which is in contrast to GBP/EUR and GBP/USD rates for example.

The Pound has been losing value over the past few weeks as cross party talks regarding the Brexit deal and UK Prime Minister May has announced her departure date regarding her term as Prime Minister. Uncertainty over the future of the UK’s trading relationships has now increased as the new leader of the Conservative Party is yet to be announced, as the route to Brexit has now become less clear.

If the new Conservative leader is open to leaving the EU this year without a deal in place, I think we could even see the Pound fall further, we have already seen the Pound lose almost 4% in less than a month the the GBP to EUR rate fell a record 13 days in a row.

The drop for the Pound against the Aussie Dollar has been less dramatic than the drop against other major currency pairs, and this is due to Aussie Dollar weakness which has stemmed from concerns surrounding the Chinese economy due to the trade war talks between the US and China. Should the situation between the US and China improve I think we could see the Pound lose even more value against the Aussie Dollar.

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