Shock Election Win for Australian Coalition Party & Breakdown in Cross-Party Brexit Talks Dominate the Headlines (Matthew Vassallo)

AUD GBP Flat as Market Awaits Key Economic Data

GBP has found some welcome support against the AUD over the past 24 hours, helping to curb any further losses after last week’s downturn.

Investors sold off their GBP positions in haste following a breakdown in cross-party Brexit talks. With both the Conservatives and Labour laying the blame for the breakdown at each other’s feet, investors’ confidence in the UK governments ability to achieve Brexit via a smooth transition, has quickly evaporated.

This negative feeling transpired and caused Sterling to lose over three cents in value against its Australian counterpart, with the Pound falling below 1.84 towards the end of last week.

Whilst the current outlook regarding the UK’s Brexit is still cloaked in uncertainty, the Pound has at least found a level of support during the early party of the trading week. GBP moved back above 1.85 overnight at its high but fell again as the results of the Australian election were finalised.

The very unexpected result was confirmed, and the expected Labour did not materialise. This went against the vast majority of the opinion polls, which for almost two years prior to the general elections, put the Labour party ahead of the more conservative Coalition, led by the now Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

How the new government’s policies will affect the Australian economy will be realised over time but for now the markets have taken a cautious approach to the new regime and with the Brexit undertone likely to continue to drive market sentiment and much of Sterling’s value, it may be the at the Pound struggles to make any sustainable inroads back towards and over 1.90 against the AUD in the short-term.

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