Further rate cuts from the RBA could push AUD exchange rates lower, even against the struggling Pound!

AUD GBP Seeks Support from Australian Employment Data

The Australian economy is continuing to show signs of struggling despite the Reserve Bank of Australia’s efforts to mitigate the slowdown, after the RBA cut rates down to the lowest level in it’s history at the beginning of last month. As it stands the base rate of interest sits at 1.25% and there are some market commentators that now believe that the rate could be cut again at least once this year, which some outlining the next cut coming as soon as next month on the 18th of July, which will be the central banks next opportunity to make the decision.

Westpac Bank, which is one of the biggest lenders down under believes that there could be two cuts this year, which demonstrates the perceived weakness in the outlook for the Aussie economy moving forward. Inflation levels are stagnant in Australia and the unemployment level has also been picking up. Property prices have dropped quite dramatically throughout the major cities also and there are no concerns surrounding the construction sector so we could continue to see a sell off in the AUD’s value if these predictions materialise.

The main driver of the Pound will continue to be the Conservative leadership contest which will determine the UK’s next Prime Minister, and also the route for Brexit. Boris Johnson remains the frontrunner, and his outlook differs from that of Jeremy Hunt’s so we could see volatility for the Pound regarding this matter.

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