Aussie Dollar boosted by better than expected Chinese data, could GBP/AUD test its annual lows anytime soon?

AUDGBP Starts the Week Higher After Jobs Slump

The Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate continues to slide as pressure mounts on Sterling now that the talk of a no-deal Brexit is ramping up. Boris Johnson, the UK’s new Prime Minister has now been PM for just over a week and already during this time we’ve seen sentiment towards Sterling drop as fears of a shock to the economy later in the year and taking their toll on the currency.

GBP/AUD has some distance to fall yet before we begin seeing annual lows, but Sterling has been in the headlines over the past week as GBP/USD has hit a 28-month low and GBP/EUR has hit a 22-month so Sterling is finding itself int he news for the wrong reasons.

The lowest the GBP/AUD exchange rate has been in the past 52-weeks is 1.7210 and at the time of writing it’s currently 1.7635, so as you can see there a bit further for GBP/AUD to fall before it catches up with some of the other major currency pairs. The Australian Dollar has been boosted this morning as Chinese Manufacturing PMI rose to 49.7 in July which is a slight improvement on the June figure and also better than expected. Investors won’t get carried away though as the figure remains below the 50 expansion/contraction benchmark. Strong data released out of China is likely to have a positive effect on the Aussie Dollar due to the link between the two economies, so those of our readers following the AUD’s value should look out for Chinese data.

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