Australian dollar forecast – Will the Aussie weaken?

AUD GBP Seeks Support from Australian Employment Data

The Australian dollar has been stronger in recent weeks as investors back the currency, following a series of events which were originally predicted to weaken the currency. Firstly, we saw the trade wars of the last 2 years escalating to the point the Australian central bank were keen to cut interest rates. This saw pound to Australian dollar exchange rates rise to almost 1.88 on the interbank rate. We are currently 1.77, and part of the reason for this is a much stronger Australian currency.

The pound has also weakened following the continued uncertainty relating to the Brexit, which so far has seen the pound losing value as no-deal Brexit becomes more likely, as both Conservative leadership candidates look to keep a no-deal Brexit as an option. It has been said Boris is perhaps more keen on no-deal, with the possibility of him as leader opening a greater prospect of this market viewed, potentially pound sinking option.

This week will see increased news also on Australian interest rate prospects, with the latest Speech by RBA (Reserve Bank Australia) Assistant Governor Kent potentially offering up some news. The market is eagerly awaiting to see if the RBA will be looking to cut levels again in the future, the market has been getting mioxed signals with Chinese growth coming in at 27-year low, but still continuing world beating growth and creating demand for Australian exports.

GBPAUD levels could be influenced by the latest news on the Brexit from the new UK Prime Minister, who will be announced tomorrow morning, before being sworn in on Wednesday evening with a speech planned for around 5pm. Any clients with an interest in GBPAUD exchange rates have plenty of news to be conscious of for this week ahead, please do contact our team to learn more.

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