Best time to sell Australian dollars for pounds since January : Will the Australian dollar rise further?

AUD GBP Struggles for Direction with Retail Sales Due

The Australian dollar has very recently hit the best time to be sold against sterling at 1.7868, since January 2019. This is a combination of factors including the strength of the Australian dollar, and also the weakness in the pound. A fine example of the strength on the Aussie was shown last week when the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) only cut their rate by 0.25%, with the market predicting 0.5% potentially and also signs of future cuts.

By refraining from committing to further cuts, the Aussie found some strength. Sterling is of course suffering under the pressure of Brexit uncertainties, as the market continues to attempt to digest what Brexit means and prepare for a no-deal.

On the Aussie, the market was also recently offered some good news with the G20 Summit not resulting in a severe deterioration of relations between the US and China. In fact, the two sides found some loose agreement and compromise and with the situation not destabilising majorly, the Aussie has again found some form. Investors are still preparing for future concerns on the trade wars and also the possibility of future cuts, but with these not manifesting immediately as troubles, the Aussie has risen.

The pound looks like it might well struggle ahead as both Conservative Party leadership and future UK Prime Minister candidates seek to embrace a no-deal Brexit. Sterling has suffered in the face of the uncertainty and we have seen the pound lower, it is not straightforward to see where future strength will emanate from, although some clarity over who will be the UK PM might help the pound.

Expectations are still mixed on the type of Brexit we will see, with Labour backing a second referendum more strongly, and many seeing the chance of a General Election increasing, there could be more volatility ahead.

Pound to Aussie dollar rates look due to remain below 1.80 but any sudden changes in sentiment could well see a quick reversal of the current trend, particularly with the higher level concerns on trade wars and interest rate cuts for the Aussie still remaining a longer term concern.

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