Could a slowdown in China result in a weaker Australian Dollar?

AUD GBP on the Retreat with BoE Rate Meeting Due

Our regular readers will be aware of the connecting between the Australian and Chinese economies, and in particular the importance of a strong Chinese economy and how this can benefit Australia along with the Australian currency.

In the early hours of this morning Chinese GDP figures were released by the National Bureau of Statistics and the data shows that in the second quarter of this year China’s economy grew at its slowest pace since 1992, which is growth at a rate of 6.2%. This figure was expected so we haven’t seen a sell-off in the value of the currencies tied to the Chinese economy which the Australian Dollar arguably is, but it could be a warning sign moving forward.

The trade war between Australia and the US appears to have taken its toll on the Chinese economy, and the efforts of the Chinese Central Bank don’t appear to have has d the intending effect which is why the economies growth is shrinking. Through 2018 the growth figure for the year was 6.6%, and I think that those of our clients and readers that are hoping for a stronger Aussie Dollar should continue to monitor the Chinese economies performance.

Although there will be no data releases out of the UK today, there will be a number of key releases this week such as Earnings Data tomorrow morning and a speech from Bank of England governor Mark Carney tomorrow amongst other releases throughout the week. Do feel free to register your interest with me if you wish to be updated in the event of a major market movement between the GBP/AUD pair.

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